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From cleansers to eye treatments, The Renae Star Natural Beauty Skincare Collection is a complete skin care regime suitable for most skin types and conditions.

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Natural skincare is nothing new to the industry. A trend that started in Europe more than 40 years ago, has gained significant acclaim in the North American market. Many companies now try to focus exclusively on the eco-conscious consumers who desire products which align with their green lifestyle choices.

The Renae Star Natural Beauty Skincare Collection is an evolution, a new approach, whereby each product is manufactured utilizing the purest methods possible - employing eco-friendly fair trade ingredients, clean energy sources, distilled extractions and recyclable packaging. Our products are vegan certified and never tested on animals.

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Experience the benefits of The Renae Star Collection

This exquisite collection uses the latest natural skincare technology and offers a preference for naturally-derived earth-friendly emulsifiers, surfactants, natural source-fragrances and mineral-derived colors.


The Renae Star Natural Beauty Skincare Collection is a robust assortment of skin and body care for women, which focuses exclusively on natural skincare solutions. From the highest reaches of our earth to the deepest oceans - rich, exotic, botanical ingredients have been collected and skillfully crafted into the purest skin care products available today.


Each exquisite Renae Star Collection ingredient is carefully selected for freshness, purity, quality, and potency. Our formulation team sourced natural therapeutic ingredients that create a harmonious balance between your skin and each Renae Star Collection product.




To create harmony in our environment, all four elements must be in perfect balance. Restoring and maintaining a level of balance is key to healing and managing health both internally and externally, one where our physical condition and appearance is in greatest harmony with nature. As the skin is just the mirror of inner health, we must take specific and special care to maintain a perfect balance.


Our Collection

Welcome to the Renae Star Natural Beauty Skincare Collection. With products for most skin types and conditions, you'll be astounded how beneficial and enjoyable it is to work with natural source ingredients in your skincare practice.


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